Calendar: Appointments and Events
Create and manage appointments and events.
Create recurring appointments.
Efficiently manage your Wait-List.
View appointments in daily, weekly or monthly view.
Add events for meetings, lunch breaks, errands, etc.
Extensive search capabilities.
To-do lists
Manage both individual and general to-do lists.
Add an optional expiry date to tasks.
Mark as completed directly on Home page.
Maintain a comprehensive customer database.
Communicate easily with integrated email and SMS.
Track referrals.
Extensive search capabilities.
Bulk SMS to Customers.
Bulk Mail-out to Customers.
Customer Booking Module
Take customer bookings 7-days a week, 24-hours a day!
Customers maintain their appointments online.
Integrate with your own website...
...or use our customisable "Welcome" page.
Add staff profiles and pictures.
SMS Text Reminders
Integrated SMS text messaging.
Automatic or manual text reminders for appointments.
Automatic appointment confirmation via SMS.
Customer SMS replies to email.
Bulk SMS
Send SMS to all customers or selected customer.
Send SMS to multiple personnel.
Integrated E-mail
Integrated sending of email.
Automatic or manual email confirmations.
Customer Mail-outs
Use your existing customer data as a mailing-list.
Easily send emails using your existing email program.
Send text, graphics, documents, attachments.
Access from almost anywhere!
Access your diary from any computer with an internet connection.
Access your diary from your iPhone or other compatible device.
Useful reports to track appointments, cancellations, customers, customer birthdays, referals, SMS usage.
Reports can be scheduled to run each day, week, etc.
Data Export
Customer and Appointment data is easily exported for use with other products or for additional analysis.
Easy setup and configuration options.
Add locations and define opening hours.
Add personnel and users. Set work-hours.
Add services, and specify which personnel can perform them.
Customise to use your logo and colour scheme.
Change the system to suit your needs.


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