Leverage Customer data

Send promotions and information

Unsubscribe customers

Pay a low per SMS rate

Use the customer details from your database

Your customer records will include a mobile phone number that you use for appointment reminders, so it's easy to make use of this for promoting your business to your customers.

Promotions / Information

SMS is a very direct and convenient way to contact your customers, and can be a great way to let them know about special offers, new services, or changes to your business.

Unsubscribe customers

If a customer does not want to receive these SMS messages you can simply remove the option in their preferences.  The system also recognises the standard "STOP" reply message to automatically turn the option off.

Low SMS rate

When you send a Bulk SMS all you pay for is the SMS credits used, and BizDiary has some of the cheapest rates around, especially when you buy in bulk.

SMS to Personnel

Need to contact all your staff in a hurry?  You can quickly and easily send a Bulk SMS with all the details.


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