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Customer mail-outs




The most obvious use of your Customer information is booking appointments.  BizDiary provides some great features, such as allowing you to create a new customer directly in the booking form.  Our intelligent duplication detection helps ensure that you don't accidentally create a copy of an existing customer.

You can also set alerts on a customer, which are brought to your attention when making an appointment.  This is great for customers that may require extra care, or for ones who have outstanding fees.

Self Booking

The Customer Booking Module for BizDiary allows customers to book their own appointments - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This gives your customers more flexibility to book an appointment at a time that suits them.  Booking notifications ensure that you maintain control over your calendar.

"Clients love the convenience of booking online."

- Josie Ceniti, Vita Natural Health

Email and SMS

You can quickly and easily send an email or SMS to your customer by simply clicking on their email address or mobile number.

Customer Mail-outs

Make the most of your existing data to quickly send an email newsletter, promotion or other email to your customer base.  This feature is FREE as part of BizDiary, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars compared to using a separate service.


BizDiary includes easy-to-use reports of customers, birthdays, and referral statistics in PDF format.

Data Analysis

As well as providing a number of easy-to-use reports, we make it easy for you to reuse your customer and appointment data with the Data Export feature.  You can quickly and easily export your data for additional analysis with Excel, or for importing into a variety of other software.


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