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Maximise your profitability

No-shows and last minute cancellations are not just frustrating, but they also erode your profits.

SMS text reminders can reduce no-shows by over 50%(1), and also greatly reduce the incidence of last minute cancellations.  Many of our clients have reported dramatic reductions in their rate of no-shows.

"Customer text reminders have reduced our no show rate to 1 out of every 450 bookings."

- Luke Madden, Osteopath, Miranda Health Centre, NSW

"If the system prevents one patient forgetting an appointment each month you've more than covered your costs."

- Jon Gamble, Karuna Health Care, NSW

Dramatically reduce administration time

With automated SMS reminders, and reply confirmations, you will trim hours off your weekly admin time.

"I can use my resources on healing rather than organising."

- Rosemary Manners, Cranes Pharmacy, Mosman, NSW

Save on communications costs

With SMS credits from just 12 cents each, this is one of the cheapest ways to stay in contact with your customer.  Don't be fooled by phone deals that include "free" calls or "free" text, those companies are really just hiding the real costs in their monthly plans.

Customers prefer SMS reminders

Most customers prefer an SMS reminder to a phone call.  They don't have to write down details, as they have them in their phone. It also means they can read it at their convenience, rather than having to answer the phone when you call.

"My clients are automatically reminded which they love..."

- Rosemary Manners, Cranes Pharmacy, Mosman, NSW


Your customers can reply "Y" or "Yes" to your reminder to automatically confirm the appointment, saving you even more time.

You can also, optionally, allow a "N" or "No" response to cancel - Though most of our clients prefer to handle cancellations manually.

Other replies get redirected to your email.



(1) According to a study by researchers at Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital.


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