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Use the customer details from your database

When you create customer records in BizDiary you probably already include an email address, for reminders and contact.  That same email address can also be used to turn your customer data into an advanced email mailing list.

Promotions, Newsletters and General lists

BizDiary supports 3 types of mailing-list - Newsletter, Promotions, and General.

Newsletters are a great way of keeping your customers informed, and reinforce the business-client relationship.  This leads to greater customer retention, and helps you to grow your business.

Promotional emails can help you drum up extra business, and promote new service offerings.

General mailings are useful for when you need to let clients know about changes to your business, such as a change of address, staff changes, or holiday hours.

Unsubscribe customers

Each customer has a setting for the different types of mailing-list.  To unsubscribe a customer you simply edit their customer record and uncheck the appropriate box.

Formatted text, attachments, and more

The customer mailing-list makes use of your own email program.  This means that you can use all the features that are normally available with any email you send.  Whether you want send attachments (documents, PDF, spreadsheets, images, ...), add graphics, or change text colour, size and style.  Anything your email program can do can be used.


The mailing-list feature is standard across all BizDiary packages.  There is no additional monthly fee.


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