"Our practitioners and the receptionist are all able to book appointments, safe in the knowledge that the program will never allow any double-bookings."

- Lara Grinevitch, Sensible-Alternative, St. Leonards, NSW

Double-bookings damage your business

Double-bookings are not only embarrassing and inconvenient, but they also damage your business reputation and compromise the professional nature of your business.

The problem with most solutions

Paper-based diaries, and most software solutions try to overcome this by having a "single point of entry", usually at the reception desk, but this is inconvenient, requires constant synchronisation, and is still prone to double-bookings or other communications breakdowns.

BizDiary solves the problem

With BizDiary, your appointment data is stored in a single, secure database.  No matter where you are, in the office, at home, or away at a conference, you can conveniently manage your diary bookings, safe in the knowledge that you will never double book.

What if two people add bookings at the same time?

You usually book by selecting an available time-slot in your appointment calendar.  When you save the new appointment to the diary, the system rechecks all the rules.

If someone else has booked that time since you started, the system will prevent you from booking the same time.



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