"With the convenience of mobile internet, the online system can be accessed anywhere. This is great for those who operate from more than one location."

- Ralph Saab, Family Osteopath, Westmead, NSW

Whether you are in the office, at home, away at conference or on the road, you can manage your appointments easily and efficiently.

You can access your appointments, from any internet-connected computer, and also from devices such as the iPhone.  With mobile internet becoming more and more common this means that you can stay in charge of your appointments wherever you are.

And no matter where you access your appointment diary, you are accessing a single database, which means that you never need worry about embarassing double-bookings.

A web-based system offers many other advantages too...

  • Greatly reduces Cost of Ownership.
  • Enhanced support capabilities.
  • Secure data backup.
  • Integrated SMS and Email messaging.
  • No network administration required.
  • Regular product enhancements, without interrupting your service or requiring you to install upgrades.


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