For sales and pre-sales questions, including product information and details of services, please email the Sales Department.

Trial customers

We understand that during your trial period there will be more questions, and help needed, especially with setting up your account.

If you need assistance, please use the built-in support form in BizDiary.  Just click the Support button at the top right of your BizDiary screen.  The support form gathers useful information for us that will help us answer your question in the most efficient and accurate way.

If you cannot access the diary, then please email the Support Department.


If you are a current user of BizDiary (including trial users) please use the built-in Support form in BizDiary.  This provides us with additional information about your account, and ensures a more immediate response to the issues you raise.

If for some reason you have difficulty using the support page, or would rather email us directly, you can send an email to the Support Department.

Other Queries

For any other questions please contact us for further information.

Why no Phone Number?

As a matter of policy, we no longer publish our direct contact phone number.  Our online services are monitored 24/7, and email for support and sales is also available.

Email provides a better solution for everyone concerned, as it can be logged and traced.  Written communication is more concise, and unlike a phone conversation it can easily be refered back to for clarification.

If you do have a matter that you feel would be better discussed over the phone, please email us and include your contact number and a suitable time to call you and we will return your call.


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