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BizDiary has simplified our appointment processes and made our bookings more reliable. We are able to create customers, enter their details, forward book them automatically, send them SMS reminders automatically a few days before their appointments, and now able to receive reply SMS from our clients which are forwarded to our emails.  This makes contact with the clients personal but still arms length. There are three of us in the practice and two locations and we are able to manage all of our different diaries in the one log in.

The support we have received from BizDiary has been invaluable. As soon as we have a query, they are onto answering and finding solutions with us. They are so supportive in fact, they make changes to their programs based on what their clients need and what they would benefit from.

Thank you for all of your help in making our business run smoothly and efficiently.

Natalie Moujalli

Jon GambleThe online diary has transformed our practice. Its in-built patient databases, reports and automated reminders are a breeze.

Because it is an online system, it is especially useful where there are multiple clinics or multiple users of the appointment diary.  BizDiary's support response time is unbeatable.

Yet it is economical - If the system prevents one patient forgetting an appointment each month you've more than covered your costs.

Jon Gamble
Karuna Health Care, NSW

I have found BizDiary to be a simple, effective appointment book system.  I have a mobile, patient care business and so it is fantastic to be able to access my data anywhere I'm online.

Previously I had used cumbersome, IT heavy, server-based systems... BizDiary is certainly cheaper and easier!

The automated confirmation system is a real time saver, and my no shows are almost zero.

Dr Kelly Waters
Dentist and Sleep Clinician
Queensland Regional Sleep Clinic

BizDiary has organised my appointments for me. I now know what is planned for each day, my clients are automatically reminded which they love and I can use my resources on healing rather than organising. A lot more sanity all around. BizDiary's staff are always helpful when we ring up. Give it a go, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Rosemary Manners
Cranes Pharmacy, Mosman, NSW

lara_grinevitchOur clinic has used BizDiary for many years, and we couldn't be happier.

Our patients love their text reminders, and we hardly have any no-shows now.

Our practitioners and the receptionist are all able to book appointments, safe in the knowledge that the program will never allow any double-bookings.

I don't know how we'd practice without it!

Lara Grinevitch
Sensible-Alternative, St. Leonards, NSW

The difference in running my clinic with the BizDiary program is incredible.  It is very easy to use, took no time to set-up, efficiently managers appointment times, and has an excellent sms feature (a time and cost effective appointment reminder).  Support is always prompt and helpful.  Databases can be easily exported to Excel for mail merges which is very handy.  The feature I find most beneficial is that practitioners can access the appointment diary from home or their iphone.  I wouldn't hesitate recommending this to anyone.

Kerrin Murnane
Sutherland Osteopathy, NSW

ralph_saabI was about to purchase front desk (about $3500-$4500) for the clinic to manage bookings and send out sms reminders etc.  Then a psychologist friend told me about BizDiary which I investigated and found to offer the same services I required at a substantially lower price. So it was a no brainer.

With the convenience of mobile internet, the online system can be accessed anywhere. This is great for those who operate from more than one location. This also saves a lot of confusion and time if there are multiple practitioners too.

The fact that you can also produce reports of statistics of patient/clinic contacts etc., is handy to show the progress and growth of the business.

Also, the SMS reminders are the ultimate advantage. My staff were calling patients 24-48hrs before their appointment to confirm them. Even then some patients would still forget! The SMS allows for a reminder which can be viewed multiple times to make sure they get the right time and day. It also allows you to mention a fee is payable if the appointment is not kept (for no good reason) which patients are more accepting of, if it comes in an SMS rather than a receptionist calling to inform them.

In conclusion, the BizDiary system is an innovation which is efficient, effective, and relatively cheap. I recommend it for all health care practitioners.

Ralph Saab
Family Osteopath, Westmead, NSW
Family Osteopath

Our small natural medicine clinic has loved using the BizDiary as our daily diary. Clients really appreciate their appointment reminders and love the convenience of booking online.

The entire system is so user-friendly, it’s wonderful. It makes booking clients a breeze, especially when rebooking. The client database has proved to be a great tool also. The best feature for our practitioners is being able to view their schedule and make bookings remotely – a definite plus!

Dealing with BizDiary's staff has always been easy and straightforward with responses to our queries being immediate or very prompt at the least.

Josie Ceniti,
Vita Natural Health, Melbourne

BizDiary is convenient and easy to use. Log on anywhere, anytime. Great for being able to take every appointment/phone call and log on anywhere to update details.

We can take bookings anytime, anywhere and log on using an iphone. Customer text reminders have reduced our no show rate to 1 out of every 450 bookings.

Our company has phoned BizDiary for every tiny little problem (which is rare) and have been responded to immediately. The support team are great.

Luke Madden, Osteopath
Miranda Health Centre, NSW


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