SMS Reminders

SMS reminders are a great way of staying in touch with your clients, and reminding them of upcoming appointments - so it's important not to run out of credits!  You can check how many SMS credits are used over a given period to help you plan when to purchase SMS credits, and how many to purchase at a time.

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You can see your number of available SMS credits in the Home screen in BizDiary, and the number of available SMS is shown when you are sending an SMS or Bulk SMS.  To help you keep track of when you need to buy more SMS you can set the Low SMS level in your Settings.

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The SMS reminder template is used when sending automated SMS reminders for appointments. Fields in the template are filled in at the time of sending, with details such as the customer name, the date and time and many other optional fields.

Here are some tips to help you create reminders that are short, effective and to the point…

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When you have set up your SMS reminder template, or made changes to it, it is always a good idea to do a couple of tests to make sure it looks right.  You can also check the length of the resulting messages to make sure they are below 160 characters, so as not to cost extra SMS credits.

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The two-way SMS gives you the option of allowing customers to automatically confirm their booking by replying "Yes".  You can also have it cancel on "No".  Other replies can go through to your receptionist’s email.

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You can view the details of SMS messages that have been sent by running the SMS Detail Report.   You can also see details of any replies sent by the customer (or other recipient).

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The number of SMS credits that are used by a message is calculated according to an industry-wide standard, which is based on the actual number of data-packets that are needed to contain the message.

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Whether and when automatic reminders are sent depends on a number of settings, the current state of the appointment, and customer preferences.  It is important to understand how these factors affect the sending of messages.

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