Pricing and Payments

Your payments are managed as a monthly subscription within PayPal.  The subscription is tied to the specific PayPal account, and cannot be moved to a different account, BUT you can cancel your account and then sign up for a new payment.

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Yes.  PayPal is currently the only form of payment we accept for monthly fees, and SMS credit purchases.

For more information read the Why do you use PayPal? article.

Tax Invoices are available for all payments made via PayPal.  This includes monthly subscription fees and SMS credit purchases.  Each purchase is shown on a separate invoice showing the date and item details, as well as the PayPal reference.

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If you no longer require BizDiary you can cancel your account.  After the account is cancelled, you will still be able to access it up to the end of the currently paid month.

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You can change your account package at any time. This is usually necessary if your number of Personnel has increased beyond your current package limit, or if you have fewer Personnel and need to downgrade.

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If PayPal has repeated issues with obtaining payment it will automatically cancel a subscription.  This can happen if a change to a payment method, such as updating credit card details, is done incorrectly.

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All payments for BizDiary are made through your PayPal account.  It is important that you make sure that your PayPal account has your latest financial information, so that payments can be made appropriately without interrupting your service.

If you need to update your payment details, for example when a credit card is expiring or if you decide to use a different payment source, this is done via PayPal.

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SMS credits are available from just 12 cents each (depending on the number you buy).

Like many things, the more you buy the more you save, and because your SMS credits never expire you can prepurchase as many as you want.

Full pricing details are available in the SMS Pricing section of the Pricing page.

BizDiary is paid for on a monthly basis via PayPal.

Our prices are extremely competitive, which is why, unlike most of our competitors, we publish them for you to see.

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Our number one reason for using PayPal is efficiency.  PayPal allows us to tightly integrate our payments with the system.  When you sign up for a paid account you get almost instant access to all the services without having to wait for someone to update your account.

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