This update includes...

  • New BULK SMS feature
  • New Excel Reports
  • Enhanced Exporting
  • Improved Receipts
  • Many other improvements.

This email is to you to let you know about some of the changes in the new version.  No action is required on your part.

You should also forward this email to your colleagues so that they stay informed of the latest that BizDiary has to offer.

These latest features are also detailed online in the BizDiary update log, and in the current version of the BizDiary Guides.

Bulk SMS feature

Admin and Manager level users can now send an SMS to multiple recipients.

You can send to Customers, Personnel, or simply paste in a list of numbers. A new preference in the Customer record allows you to turn off Bulk SMS for specific Customers.

You'll also see a new field in the Customer record next to the mobile number, called MSISDN. This field contains a standardised version of the mobile number. For the system this is much easier, and the normal phone field can still contain spaces etc to make it more readable.

Improved Reports and New Excel Reports

We made a number of improvements to some of the existing reports, to help them run more efficiently and to handle large sets of data.

We've also created some new Excel reports. PDFs can be great for providing a nicely laid-out report, but the advantage of Excel is that you can do further analysis and manipulation of the data.

The Customer Appointment Review report will help you identify customers who have had an appointment in the past, but have not had one recently.

The Customers by Personnel Seen report gives a list of customers according to any Personnel that they have had an appointment with. It includes the number of appointments, the total hours, and the date and time of the first and last appointment.

The Personnel Work Hours report gives you a list by day of the number of appointments and hours for each Personnel. You can also get a list of cancelled, and no-show appointments.

Enhanced Exporting

When exporting data, you will now find fields conveniently grouped together. You can choose to include a group of fields by clicking "all", or exclude then by clicking "none". And as before you can include or exclude individual fields.

We've also improved the way phone numbers are handled for Excel.

New Receipt Logo and improved format

You can now upload a logo to use on your receipts, by going into Account > Settings > Receipts. We also improved the layout to make sure long addresses fit more tidily.

Other Improvements

We spent a lot of time making improvements to the way BizDiary runs. Here's a list of just a few of them...

  • Faster more efficient access to data.
  • Improvements to trial sign-up process.
  • Fixed issue with printing of some types of logo.
  • Small status icons shown in narrow calendar columns.
  • Rearranged the Account Upgrade form to make it easier to understand.
  • Added more hint information on some fields.

We hope you find these new features useful, and we welcome any feedback.

Please use the built-in Support Form in BizDiary, for any bug-reports or enhancement requests.


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