This update includes...

  • Changes to appointment pop-up
  • Export Receipt Notes
  • Address fields in Customer Appointment Review
  • Bug fix for Customer Module

Changes to appointment pop-up

The information that appears when you hover over an appointment in the Calendar can now show the date and time of recent and upcoming appointments for that customer.

By default the info will show the one most recent previous appointment, and one upcoming appointment. You can change the number of appointments to show by going to Account > Settings and changing the values in Prev. appts info and Next appts info. Setting these to 0 will prevent this information from being shown.

Export Receipt Notes

When exporting Receipts you can now include the Notes field in the output.

Address fields in Customer Appointment Review

The Customer Appointment Review report can now export customers' address details.

This means that this report can now be used as a way of sending postal mail to these customers.

Bug fix for Customer Module

We have fixed a bug that caused the Customer Module to become disabled when a client changed their own Account Details.


We hope you find these new features useful, and we welcome any feedback.

Please use the built-in Support Form in BizDiary, for any bug-reports or enhancement requests.


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