Improvements included in this version...

  • Smart-select for Appointments.
  • Default View at log-in.
  • Default Calendar view.
  • Email bounce-back handling.
  • Other improvements.
  • Bug-fixes.

Smart-select for Appointments

This new feature helps to minimise data-entry when creating appointments by pre-selecting or pre-filling as many fields as possible.

Most appointments are created from the Calendar, which provides the program with information about the desired date and time, as well as the Personnel. From that the program will attempt to fill in as many of the other fields as it can.

The program will also update the selections based on other changes.

This new feature also includes Locations and Personnel that do not have availability on the given date, too allow you to override these when needed. These "non-preferred" Locations and Personnel appear with a different coloured background to the available Locations and Personnel for the selected date.

Default View at log-in

After you log in, the program currently shows you the Home page, with useful information such as To-Do lists, Wait-list, and upcoming appointments.

With the new Default View option, you can choose to show one of the Calendar views (Day Planner, Weekly, Monthly) or the Appointment Summary.

To choose your default view, just edit your User record.

Default Calendar view

Previously the default view for the Calendar was the Personnel linked to your User record.

With the new Default Calendar View you can now choose either a single Personnel, a Personnel Group, or All Personnel, as the default view in the Calendar.

The linked Personnel is still used when creating an Appointment directly from the menu, and for listing the Upcoming Appointments on the Home Page.

Email bounce-back handling

It's not uncommon for customers to change their email address, or for email addresses to have mistakes in them.

To help identify and correct these problems, we've added bounce-back handling into BizDiary. This provides a way of recognising email error responses and disabling incorrect email addresses, thereby improving the quality and reliability of your customer data.


We've also made a few improvements behind the scenes...

  • Streamlined use of the built-in Support form.
  • Better handling for modern browsers, including Chrome.
  • Improvements to overall speed and reliability.


Fixed: Duration was switching back to the default duration for the service when editing an appointment.

Fixed: User settings, such as "Hide empty columns" may be lost when editing User record.


We hope you find these new features useful, and we welcome any feedback.

Please use the built-in Support Form in BizDiary, for any bug-reports or enhancement requests.


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