New BizDiary website

We've just completed work on an updated look for the BizDiary website. As well as the new look we've streamlined the Frequently Asked Questions section, and added over a dozen new articles covering new features, and extending the information available on existing features.

New features in BizDiary

  • New customisable Event Type.
  • New customisable Customer Status.
  • Customisable Referral Sources.
  • Customisable Cancellation Reasons.
  • Primary Personnel for Customers.
  • Improved Receipt Export.
  • Allow negative amounts on receipts.
  • Paid By and Paid Detail on receipts.
  • Custom address details for receipts.
  • New Report: Customers by Services Used.
  • Search for "not specified".
  • Bug-fixes.

New customisable Event Type

We've added a new Type field to Events, and made the Description optional. We've created 8 initial types (e.g. Meal, Meeting, Leave, Public Holiday, etc), but you can change these to suit your business in the new Account > Codes section (only admin users can make changes).

New customisable Customer Status

We've added a new Status field to Customers. This can be used to indicate whether a customer is currently active, or has some other status. The initial statuses are "Not Allocated", "Active", "On Hold", and "Inactive", but you can customise these to suit your business in the new Account > Codes section (only admin users can make changes).

Customisable Referral Sources

The growing influence of social media, and a decline in traditional directories (like the Yellow Pages), has made our original list of Referral Sources look a little stale. To meet these changes we have made the list of Customer Referral Sources customisable.

The existing list is still available, but now you can customise them to suit your business in the new Account > Codes section (only admin users can make changes).

Customisable Cancellation Reasons

Another area where we're giving you greater flexibility is with Appointment Cancellation Reasons.

We think our existing list provides a good starting point, but now you can customise the list to suit your needs in the new Account > Codes section (only admin users can make changes).

Primary Personnel for Customers

You can now assign a Primary Personnel for each Customer. This can be used to indicate who is primarily responsible for treating or servicing this customer. You can then use the field when searching and sorting. The Personnel will also be filled in by default when an appointment is booked for this customer (unless the field has already been set).

Improved Receipt Export

The receipt export now separates item details into individual columns, with a separate row for each item. This makes it easier to analyse the data, and to use it with other programs.

Allow negative amounts on receipts

You can now enter a negative amount in a receipt item - Important for doing refunds.

Paid By and Paid Detail on receipts

Receipts have a new Paid By field (Cash, EFTPOS, Credit Card, Cheque, Direct Deposit, Other), and a Paid Detail where additional details can be added.

Custom address details for receipts

You can now set up address details to appear at the top of receipts that are separate from the standard address details associated with your account. This can be set on the Receipts tab under Account Settings.

New Report: Customers by Services Used

The Customers by Services Used report provides a summary of customers and the Services which they have used, including total number of appointments, and total hours.

Search for "not specified"

Usually when searching you want to find specific values, such as a name, but sometimes you want to find records which have empty fields too. For text fields you can just enter "-". For example, to find all customers who DON'T have a mobile number you would put a "-" in the Phone (mob) field of the search.

We've now extended this functionality to all drop-down lists, with the addition of "not specified" as a selectable value. So, for example, you can now search for all Customers that do not have a referral source by selecting "not specified" in the search.


Fixed: Titles were not being exported in the Customer Export.


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