New features in BizDiary

The evolution of BizDiary continues with the addition of Calendar synchronisation, a new Detailed Appointment Review report, enhanced permission management, and other improvements.

Improvements included in this version...

  • New Calendar Synchronisation.
  • Enhanced User Permissions Management.
  • New "Detailed Appointment Review" report.
  • Additional Titles for Customers.

New Calendar Synchronisation

The new Calendar Synchronisation feature allows you to synchronise your Appointments, Events, and Tasks from BizDiary to other Calendars such as the Calendar on your iPad, or for Thunderbird, or any other calendar that supports the iCalendar format.

More details can be found in the FAQ and in the BizDiary Guides.

Enhanced User Permissions Management

We've added greater control over which functions are available to users. An admin-level user can now edit a users permissions to control access to the following features...

  • Send SMS
  • Send Email
  • Send Bulk SMS
  • Send Mailout
  • Buy SMS credits
  • Export
  • Reports

For existing users, we have set the following initial permissions...

  • Read-Only User = none
  • User = Send SMS, Send Email
  • Manager = All

"Detailed Appointment Review" report

This new report allows you to export appointment information for a date range to Excel. As well as having common appointment information, it also includes added details from the Customer, including Referral fields, details of how many previous appointments the Customer has had, and when their first, most recent, and next appointment are.

Because this is an Excel report, you can sort and analyse the data to suit your needs.

Additional Titles for Customers

We have added a couple of new Titles for customers, including "Rev" (Reverend) and "Father".

Feedback welcome...

We hope you find these new features useful, and we welcome any feedback.

Please use the built-in Support Form in BizDiary, for any bug-reports or enhancement requests.


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