Our February update has been very well received, with many of our clients thrilled with the new two-way SMS.

We also asked for feedback on possible improvements, and received quite a number of suggestions! We’ve implemented many of them for this update, and with so many improvements, we’re sure there will be something here for you!

This update includes…

  • More details in SMS replies.
  • SMS Details report.
  • Customer can enter notes when booking.
  • Skip unnecessary pages when booking.
  • Use all locations/personnel when booking.
  • Default Country, State and Timezone.
  • Company name on Customer record.
  • Referral date on Customer record.
  • Press [Enter] to Search.
  • Improved Customer Summary Report.
  • Short Day name for SMS template.


More Details in SMS replies

When someone replies to an SMS, the reply is sent to your reception email. This email now includes more details, such as the name of the person (where available), and the text of the message to which they are replying.

SMS Details report

The new SMS Details report allows you to review SMS messages sent. You can select messages to include by date, by the user who sent them, and by recipient (specific Customer or Personnel), or by the actual phone number.

The report includes the date and time sent, who sent the SMS, who it was sent to, the message, and any reply where applicable.

Please note that for SMS messages sent prior to this update, some data, such as the sending user, may not be available.

Customer can enter notes when booking

There is now an optional notes field in the Customer Booking Module. This can be used by the customer to provide additional information that you require in relation to their appointment.

To turn on the notes field, go to Account > Customer Module, select the Pages tab, and check the Include booking notes box.

You may want to also change the default instructions displayed on the notes page, to tell your customers how you want them to use this field. You can do this by filling in the Notes Info on the Custom Text tab.

Skip unnecessary pages when booking

If you only offer a single service then you may not want the customer to have to click [Next>] on the Services page. Similarly you may have a single Personnel who can provide a selected Service, or a single Location (or Location Group).

To tell the system to automatically skip over these pages when there is only one option, go to Account > Customer Module, select the Pages tab, and select the appropriate options in the section Hide pages when only one choice.

Use all locations/personnel when booking

This feature is similar to the previous option, but is used when you want to not give the customer a choice over the Location or the Personnel. This is primarily intended for teaching clinics where the Personnel used are generic, e.g. “Student 1″, “Student 2″.

To tell the system to automatically skip the Location or Personnel page when booking, go to Account > Customer Module, select the Pages tab, and select the appropriate options in the section Hide pages when more than one choice (defaults to all).

Default Country, State and Timezone

For many business the majority of their customers will come from a single state. To simplify data entry, you can now set up the default Country, State and Time-zone for Customers and Personnel. These values will then be used on all new Customers and Personnel.

To set the defaults, go to Account > Settings, select the Default tab, and select the Country, State and Timezone which you want to use.

Company name on Customer record

You can now include the name of a customer’s company in the customer record.

Referral date on Customer record

You can now include a Referral Date as part of a customer record.

This date, along with the other referral details can also be included when doing an Appointment Detail report.

Press [Enter] to Search

The Search feature of BizDiary is very powerful, but because search forms are so flexible, some have a lot fields to choose from, and on smaller screens this can mean scrolling down to find the [Search] button.

To make Search quicker and easier to use, you can now activate the search by pressing the [Enter] key once you have entered the field or fields you want to search on.

For example, if you wanted to find the customer named “John Smith”, you would just type “John” in the First Name, “Smith” in the Last Name, and then hit the [Enter] key.

Improved Customer Summary Report

The layout to the customer summary has been changed to make it clearer, and some additional optional fields have also been added.

Short Day name for SMS template

You can now use [Short.Day] rather than [Day] in your SMS templates to indicate what day an appointment is. Rather than giving the full day name (e.g. “Wednesday”), [Short.Day] gives it as a three-letter abbreviation (e.g. “Wed”).

We hope you find these new features useful, and we welcome any feedback.


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