This update includes…

  • New Log-in Report
  • Restricted access to Export
  • Tax Invoices for PayPal Payments

Log-in Report

The new Log-in Report allows administrators to look at recent user log-ins, to see who has been accessing the system and when.

The report shows the user name, the date and time of log-in, session expiry time, and the IP-Address. The IP-Address can be used for further investigations of any activity that may be deemed suspicious.

Log in activity is maintained in the system for a period of 60 days, after which it is purged.

Restricted access to Export

The Export feature gives you an easy way to get data out of BizDiary to use with other software, or to carry out additional analysis in a spreadsheet.

Because these uses would generally only be carried out by a Manager or an Administrator, we have removed the Export option from ordinary Users.

Tax Invoices for PayPal Payments

For most subscription payments and SMS purchases, the transaction details from PayPal are sufficient for the ATO’s requirements, but if you (or your accountant) would prefer an official Tax Invoice you can now download these
for any payments you have made.

Tax Invoices are handled via the Reports module…

  1. Log in as admin user.
  2. Go to Reports > Run Reports.
  3. Select Invoices.
  4. Select one or more invoices. (Invoices are displayed in date order with
    the most recent first.)
  5. Click on [Run].

The resultant PDF file can then be saved or printed for your records.


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