This update includes…

  • Events for Personnel and/or Location
  • Recurring Events
  • Personnel-specific SMS/Email templates
  • Personnel / Customer Receipt Info
  • Appointments: Personnel Summary Report
  • Other minor fixes.

Events for Personnel and/or Location

Previously an Event only applied to a Personnel. Now, Events can include either a Personnel or a Location or both.

This new feature means you can block-off timeslots for a Personnel (for example they are out of the office), for a Location (for example the room is being used by a third-party), or for both (for example the room is being used by a Personnel, but not for an appointment).

Recurring Events

Events can now be created on a recurring basis, to happen a set number of times, repeating after a certain number of days or weeks. This is similar to the recurring appointments feature.

To create a recurring event, just fill in the fields in the "Recurring" tab, and then Save.

Personnel-specific SMS/Email templates

You can now create an SMS or Email reminder template specific to each Personnel. By creating a new template in the Templates section of the Personnel record, you can have completely different wording for reminders for each Personnel.

If there is no template specified, then the standard templates as found in Account > Settings are used.

Personnel / Customer Receipt Info

Each Personnel and Customer record can now have special information added to appear on the receipt.

For Personnel this is useful for including fixed details such as a provider number.

For Customers it may be used for information such as the referring physician (for example).

The information that appears in the footer area is now as follows...

  1. Standard Receipt Information (from Account > Settings).
  2. Personnel-specific receipt info (if any)
  3. Customer-specific receipt info (if any)
  4. Receipt comment (if any)

Appointments: Personnel Summary Report

This new report summarises the number of appointments, and total appointment duration across a date range for each Personnel. Totals are given for Normal appointments, as well as No Shows and Cancellations.

This can be used to see how many appointments each person is seeing, and the total time of appointments, over a month for example.

For the purposes of this report, and status other than No Show or Cancelled is considered to be a Normal appointment.

Minor fixes

  • Fixed scrolling issue in customer sign-up for Internet Explorer.
  • Make pop-up calendar available for DOB field in customer sign-up form.
  • If report will exceed available memory, show a warning message.


We hope you find these new features useful, and we welcome any feedback.


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