Can I keep an offline copy of appointments?

Although internet connection problems are rare these days, they can happen, and at these times it may be useful to have a copy of your upcoming appointments.  This can easily be achieved by setting up a Scheduled Report.

A Scheduled Report is a report that gets generated by the system and emailed to a designated email address on a regular basis.  Information on how to set up Report Scheduling can be found in the BizDiary Administrator Guide.

Which report?

To have a record of your upcoming appointments you should set up a schedule for either the Appointment detail or Appointment summary report (depending on the level of detail you want to have).

Who to send it to

Scheduled reports can either be sent separately to each Personnel or to a list of specified email addresses (or both).

When sending to each Personnel, the report will contain just the appointments for that person, otherwise all appointments are sent.

Even if you choose each Personnel,you can still include extra email addresses in the email field.  A full copy of the report (all Personnel) will then be sent to those email addresses at the same time.

Data range

The data range defines how much information is sent.  What you choose will depend on the nature of your business.

For most businesses 7 days is recommended and should be sufficient, but you may want to choose 2 or even 4 weeks.

How often to send

Appointment data can change quite often, so for the purpose of having an offline record it is probably advisable to send the report every 24 hours.

When to send

This is a tricky question, because on the one hand you want to be sure you don't miss any last minute changes, but the purpose is also to have the data available in case your internet connection is not available.

The best time to send will normally be around the time that you normally finish for the day.  So if you finish at 5:30pm then set the report to be sent at 6pm.

You also need to specify a start date.  If you are sending once a week on a Monday, then you should choose the first Monday on which you want it sent.  For daily reports you can just enter the current date.


The final step is to tick the Active? box, and then click [Save].  If you later want to suspend the report without deleting it, you can just untick the Active? box.

Final thoughts

Report Scheduling can be a great way to have the confidence of knowing that even if your connection goes down you will still be able to manage your appointments until the problem is resolved.  But you will rarely if ever actually need them, and they will start to take up a lot of space in your inbox.

Most email programs allow you to set up filters or rules for incoming email.  Once you get the first report, you might want to set up a filter to move the reports into their own folder.  This will make the easier to find when you need them, and allow you to easily clean out old reports.

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