3 June 2018


The new notification system allows us to quickly communicate with all BizDiary users to inform you about upcoming changes, system maintenance, and other news. If there are notifications a speech bubble will appear next to the user menu showing the number of unread notifications.

27 May 2018

Now that BizDiary 3 is bedded down, we've started work on a series of further improvements. These will be released in blocks over the coming months.

We've fixed up a handful of minor bugs, and also made some improvements to the handling of SMS replies.

When a customer replies to an SMS...

  • Emailed to Reception: As previously, all SMS replies are emailed to the reception email address.
  • Emailed to User: When a customer replies to a manual SMS, a copy of the reply is emailed to that User.
  • Emailed to Personnel: When a customer replies to an SMS sent for an appointment, a copy of the reply is emailed to that Personnel.
    (note: the SMS replies option must be enabled for that Personnel under Appointment notifications)

22 April 2018: BizDiary 3.0

We're pleased to announce the release of BizDiary 3.0, released on Sunday 22 April 2018.

This is a major step forward for our Appointment Management system. We've kept all the great features and ease-of-use, updated the look and feel, added some extra features, and done the groundwork for future enhancements.

BizDiary 3.0: Feature Showcase

New Look

BizDiary 3.0 features a new modern interface that provides easier access to the features you need.  

We’ve opened up more screen space for the Calendar (and other features) by integrating the menu into the top bar.  The new menu is more intuitive with clear and consistent icons to provide quick visual cues.

Calendar Enhancements

The Calendar is very much front and centre of an appointment system, and we’ve put a lot of work into improving it.

  • Faster navigation: When you change the calendar selection, we load just the calendar rather than the whole page. That means much less data, and much quicker access.
  • Automatic refresh: Be sure you are looking at the latest information with the calendar automatically updating whenever it detects changes made elsewhere.
  • More room when you need it: Clicking on a column heading will make it wider, so that you can see more of the information you need.
  • Date and Time highlight: As you move your mouse across the Calendar the column and row headers are highlighted to give a much clearer visual cue of the selected date and time.
  • Date and Time in menus: The date and time also show in the menu header when clicking on an item or an empty time-slot.  These enhancements will greatly reduce the risk of booking errors.
  • Week start: Rather than a week having to start on a Sunday, you can now choose your default start day.
  • Anchor date: The calendar keeps track of which date you were interested in as you switch between views, and change your date range.
  • Pop-out key: We’ve tucked the key away on the side, so it’s out of the way, but easy to view when you need it.

Appointment Booking

  • Customer search: The improved customer search for appointments allows you to quickly and easily find the customer.

More Enhancements

  • Direct email: Email addresses shown in lists can be opened directly as an new email in your default email program.  This gives you access to all the features of your email (formatting, attachments, etc).  We’ve also added the customer’s email address in the Appointment Search and Summary to make it quick and easy to send a customer an appointment-related email.
  • Report help: Each report entry now has a help button for quick access to detailed information on that report.
  • Custom codes: We’ve improved the custom codes (Cancellation codes, Referral codes, Customer statuses, Event types) to make them easier to manage and rearrange.
  • Mail-out response: When you send a mail-out, you will now receive an email response acknowledging sending and including a full list of recipients.

Other Changes

  • When searching, use a single “*” in a field to indicate that a field can be any value except blank.  This is the opposite of putting a “-” which indicates that the field must be blank.
  • Removed main colour themes for more consistent, modern appearance.
  • Removed date-order option. Date order now uses the standard convention.

More to Come!

While this new version provides a number of significant enhancements to BizDiary's functionality and usability, perhaps more important are the changes that you cannot see. We've reworked major sections of the code from the ground up to take advantage of the latest in server and browser technology, and to provide us with the platform we need for even greater enhancements.

We have a long list of extra features that we are already working on, but we wanted to give you access to this improved system now, and we will do another major release of new features later this year.

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch!

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