BizDiary Guides
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These downloadable guides provide details on the use and administration of BizDiary and the optional Customer Booking module.

Guides are in PDF format. Download or print at your convenience.

User Guide

The BizDiary User Guide provides details on the day-to-day use of BizDiary.

It includes instructions on how to book and manage appointments, how to use the Calendar, how to create and edit customer records, and how to use other features like tasks, sending SMS messages and emails.

You will also find instructions on how to run and schedule reports, and how to use the mail-out feature.

download User Guide (258kb PDF)

Administrator Guide

The BizDiary Administrator Guide provides details on how to set up your account. It includes detailed instructions to help you set up Services, Locations, Personnel and Users. It also provides information on how to manage settings and customise the system to your needs, including configuring the Calendar, creating SMS and Email reminder templates, and setting up system codes.

The Administrator Guide also includes details on how to get started with the Trial Account Wizard and other account maintenance features such as upgrading the account and purchasing SMS credits.

download Administrator Guide (301kb PDF)

Customer Booking Module Guide

The BizDiary Customer Booking Module Guide provides details on how to set up your system to get the most out of the Customer Booking module.

Topics include setting up the Customer Module to suit your business needs, managing users, and integrating the Customer Booking module with your website.

download Customer Module Guide (235kb PDF)

More Help

For context-sensitive help, use the Help feature in BizDiary. There are also lots of useful articles in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Privacy Policy

For full details of BizDiary Australia's privacy policy and obigations, please read the BizDiary Australia Privacy Policy.

Adobe Reader, PDF files

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