Can multiple people share one username?

We strongly recommend that you DO NOT have more than one person accessing BizDiary with the same user details. Although there is nothing to stop you from doing this, it is unnecessary, diminishes accountability, and poses potential security risks.

Why you SHOULD NOT share users...

Security risks:

Having more than one person using the same User account means that if one person leaves the organisation (especially in negative circumstances), you will have to change the password, and then let everyone else know.

It also makes it more difficult to change the password (which you should do from time to time).

When multiple people are sharing the same password you may be tempted to send the password to them by email etc, creating a written record of the password that some other person might find.

Reduced Accountability:

BizDiary makes a note of the user who created, and most recently changed, important records like appointments and customers.  If more than one person is using the same login, then it becomes impossible to know who made changes.

BizDiary also records dates and times of logins, which may be used when investigating possible issues.  Having more than one person using the same login makes this less effective.


Havingm ultiple people use the same login makes changing the password problematic, as all those people then need to be informed of the change.  It also makes it difficult to use the password reset, because the user record can only be linked to a single email address.

You can also link your User record to a Personnel record.  This is useful because it then knows which Calendar to show when you are logged in.  If you share users this becomes less useful.


Perhaps the most important point is that there is no need to share users.  There is no limit to how many users you can create on your BizDiary account, and with all the disadvantages of sharing user logins it makes sense to have separate login details for each person.

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