How do I set up the Customer Module?

This article provides a quick guide to setting up the Customer Booking Module.  For more detailed information you should read the BizDiary Customer Booking Module Guide.

1. Subscribe to a Package which includes the Customer Module

The Customer Booking Module is an optional extra, and to use it you need to be on a package that includes it.  These packages are indicated by a "+CM" on the package name.

For more information read How do I change my Account Package?

2. Turn on the Customer Module, and adjust settings

When you have a package with the Customer Module, you will see an extra menu item, Account > Customer Module.  This is where you change the settings for your customer module, including turning it on an off. 

Go to Account > Customer Module, and check Active to turn it on.  You can also make changes to the other settings.  Once you are done, press [Save].

3. Check that your Customer Module is Active

At this point you can check that your customer module is running by going to the URL for your customer module.  The URL is...

Where account_code is the Code for your account (To check your code you can go to Account > Details).  For example if your account code is ABCHealth then the URL will be...

You should see a screen with a heading along the top, a menu along the left, and a welcome message and some options in the main area. 

To the right are sections for Locations, Services and Personnel.  These will contain an error message saying they are not set up for the Customer Module.  We'll do that in the next step.

4. Set up Locations, Services, and Personnel

Each of your Locations, Services and Personnel can be used in the Customer Module.  By default none are used, so you need to enable them.

Edit each Location, Service, and Personnel, that you want to be available in the Customer Module, and go to the Customer Mod. tab.  Check the In Cust Mod check-box to make that item show in the Customer Module.  You may also want to edit some of the other fields that are used in the Customer Module.

More information...

More detailed information can be found in the BizDiary Customer Booking Module Guide.

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